Reisen in Italien wandern essen genießen

Benvenuti - Welcome

to Siabella ...travelling naturally!

Trips for individuals and small groups to Sicily, Liguria, Umbria, Piemont, Calabria, Campania, Basilicata and South Tyrol

for friends, families, couples and single persons - guided trips and also individual travel packages.

Most of my travels are for hikers, but there are also trips for people, who want to discover Italy without hiking... Every guided tour is exclusively guided by myself, Sibylle Janssen. I speak German, English, Italian and some French.

I would like to show the specific beauties of nature and also the typical Italian way of living. You won't miss the famous highlights - but you will also see the hidden secrets.

Every guided tour should become an individual one: as many activities with the group as neccessary and as much personal freedom as possible.
Every trip gets its special atmosphere through my personal contacts and friendships in Italy.

Concerning the name "SIABELLA": Siabella means in Italian: may it be beautiful - it will be beautiful - it has to be beautiful!

Information and booking:
Siabella ...natürlich reisen!
Sibylle Janssen
Kreithwinkel 16
D - 30966 Hemmingen
Phone: 0049 / 511 / 213 73 75
Fax: 0049 / 511 / 213 76 55

Sicily - The Aeolian Islands
South Tyrol - Hiking
Firy mountains and blue islands
Basilicata - Coast to coast
Umbria - Olives and more
Liguria - The Cinque Terre