Reisen in Italien wandern essen genießen

Liguria - The Cinque Terre

Hiking between sky and sea

The Cinque Terre – this is the area of the five coastal villages south-east of the Ligurian Riviera between Genoa and La Spezia. The villages are situated in small bays and on steep hills. Till the late seventies they were inaccessible for cars, connected with the rest of the world only by footpaths, mule trails and by train. Fortunately there is no car-traffic allowed in the centres.
The locals have managed to keep the original character of the villages. There is no space for hotel chains or clubs. The exceptional nature and unique culture finally made the UNESCO declare this region as an area of world cultural heritage.
Our simple but comfortable family run hotel with typical Italian flair is situated in the old centre of Monterosso, only three minutes from the beach. We have an continental breakfast buffet and a rich, delightful Italian menu in the evening with several courses.
The big hotel garden has an heated pool.

From Monterosso we shall start for our daily hiking-excursions: up to five to six hours walking. The level of the tour is of medium difficulty because of longer steep climbs with high steps. But off course there are also easy passages on the way.
We follow old mule trails and footpaths through the Macchie, the vineyards and olive groves, through chestnut- and pine forests. Strenuous climbs will be rewarded by spectacular views of the coastal regions.
We shall rest at nice places were we enjoy ice cream, Focaccia, Bruschetta, Grappa, good wine, coffee and cappuccino.

whenever you wish
990 €
additional fee for single rooms 160 €

accommodation with half-board (drinks excluded)
guided tours
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Number of participants: 3 - 12 guests

If there are less than 6 participants, the price will rise for 120 €.