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South Tyrol - Hiking

Far from reality

We walk on lonely, rather easy paths high above the “Eisack” valley – off the beaten tourist tracks of South Tyrol. Even greater heights can be reached without any great effort.
We hike above Alps, where herds of cows, goats and horses spend the summer months. We hike on deserted tracks accompanied only by the chiming of the animals, the humming of insects and the babbling of the mountain creeks, from time to time by the yell of a bird of prey. The air is filled with scent of the Alp herbs – the Alpine roses will be blossoming.
After the climbs we shall rest near mountain lakes and crystal-clear creeks. Above the tree line we can see the Dolomites, the “Geislergruppe”, the “Schlern” and the ”Seiseralm” mountain ranges.
Those who can force themselves to get up very early one morning can climb a mountain (300m climb, 2600m above sea level) before breakfast to watch the sunrise. Up here, up high, the whole world will really lie beneath our feet!
During this journey we will enjoy the wide, spacious landscape and the closeness to the skies. Far from reality, far from civilisation we will leave our daily life and routine far below.
The first two nights will be spent in Latzfons (Klausen) in a middle-class hotel; the following five nights in shelterhuts (Stöffelhütte - 2 nights, Latzfonser Kreuz - 1 night, Radlseehütte - 2 nights). We shall sleep in a common sleeping room – with a cotton sleeping bag and woollen blankets and a share bathrooms with others.
There will be three longer hiking tours with luggage. The last night will again be spent in Latzfons.
Concerning the food we make a "trip" through the rustic-hearty Tyrolean cuisine: dumplings, bacon, fried potatoes, nicely seasoned bread (mostly baked in the huts!), fresh yoghurt, quark (soft cheese made from skimmed milk), cheese, special pancakes and not to forget: Strudel! We drink buttermilk, elder blossom juice, “Zirbelkiefernschnaps” and terrific Cappuccino.

The journey is also suitable for families: children from the age of six will easily manage the hikes.

15.07. – 22.07.2012
04.08. – 11.08.2012
630 €
Children under 11 years 550 €
Additional fee for double rooms 50 €
accomodation with breakfast
transport Brixen - alpine pasture - Brixen
guided hiking tours
Siabella ...natürlich reisen!
Sibylle Janssen
Kreithwinkel 16
D - 30966 Hemmingen
Fon: 0049 / 511 / 213 73 75
Fax: 0049 / 511 / 213 76 55
Number of participants: 3 - 12 guests

If there are less than 6 participants, the price will rise for 100 €.